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Pharma Unlimited – future industry trends

It’s an exciting time to be working in pharma. A new wave of trust and investment in the sector is powering innovation, and the arrival of Big Tech onto the scene is pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved. This combination of factors sets the scene for an exciting decade of breakthroughs ahead.

Over the course of Wolters Kluwer’s Pharma Unlimited podcast, host Bertrand Bodson spoke with leaders across the worlds of pharma, healthcare, and technology to put the pharma industry under a microscope to better understand where the opportunities and risks lie.

What emerged? Three major pharma industry trends:

Embrace technology: Big tech has broken into the pharma space and is here to stay. AI is driving a new wave of innovation in the sector and is going to be at the centre of many of the big leaps forward in the next decade. Rather than see tech companies as competitors, pharma needs to embrace collaboration. This is key if the industry is to unlock the full potential of these cutting-edge technologies.

Use data: Ensuring professionals can safely, securely, and appropriately access data is key to enable the personalisation of treatment and allow for more effective patient care. Being able to get health data into the hands of the right people at the right time could mean the difference between life or death, and the sector must find ways to overcome the challenges around data interoperability by embracing the cloud and agreeing to rules that will protect data privacy.

Put ethics and impact at the heart: The pandemic has triggered a mission reset for the industry and has put social impact front and centre. In a modern world where new technologies push the boundaries of innovation and on the pace of progress, ethical frameworks will have to keep pace to ensure transparency and privacy are protected.

Check out the Pharma Unlimited podcast to hear more from our guest experts on their perspectives on the industry and the opportunities the lie ahead. The individual episodes are listed below.

Listen to the Pharma Unlimited Podcast series – a series where host Bertrand Bodson goes under the microscope to examine some of the biggest issues facing the pharma sector.

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