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PA Retirement Solutions

Converting to is simple – and integration between modules is powerful.

Todd has been working in the retirement plan industry since 1998 and is an industry expert in complex plan design for all defined contribution plans. As Senior Plan Administrator, James is a highly qualified expert on the systems and processes necessary to provide excellent service to clients in this industry. The firm, PA Retirement Solutions, had been using a different software vendor, FIS Relius, but soon after switching,’s software quickly became the organization’s favorite. The staff at PA Retirement Solutions has found that’s software is just not as cumbersome.

Every single employee here has used the FIS Relius software we were using before, either with us or elsewhere at some point, and most now prefer is more streamlined and gives more flexibility. With the other software, we were paying for features and functionalities that were not important to our clients.

System conversion is simple

PA Retirement Solutions was young and small when they onboarded They didn’t have too many plans to convert, about 150, but they still expected conversion to be harder. In reality, it was simple. In fact, the process of converting files over to the software was so simple, their “conversion” process focused primarily on learning how to use the system and getting things started correctly, which PA Retirement Solutions also found was not much of a challenge.

The conversion to documents was a non-event. It was a very simple process. Like with anything, there was a little bit of a learning curve, but ftwilliam’s system is not cumbersome, and everyone picked it up quickly without having ask ftwilliam too many questions.
Todd A. Henry, QPA, QKA, President & James Delaney, QKA, Senior Plan Administrator, PA Retirement Solutions
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