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On-demand webinar: Secured transactions under UCC Article 9 - A practical approach

Please note that the webinar you’re viewing was previously recorded on May 14, 2024. CT Corporation is only an accredited provider in CA, IL, NY and PA for live webinars. As a result by watching this webinar, CLE credit will not be granted.

This webinar aims to address common challenges related to filing and searching Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) liens.  It covers essential topics, including case law, jurisdictional nuances, and the updated national form.  Participants will learn best practices to ensure accurate and effective UCC lien filings. By understanding the nuances and legal requirements, secured parties can “get it right” when dealing with UCC liens.  The inclusion of examples is crucial. These real-world scenarios will help participants recognize potential pitfalls. Parties must be aware of these pitfalls to safeguard their security interests.

Ideal for both novice practitioners and seasoned professionals, including attorneys, paralegals and project assistants, this webinar offers valuable insights into the UCC landscape. Whether you're looking to enhance your understanding of secured transactions or stay abreast of recent developments, this recorded session provides essential knowledge and practical tips to bolster your expertise.

Topics covered:

  • Is the UCC really uniform?
  • Why properly searching and filing is important to your deal
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • Best Practices and risk mitigation

Expert guide:

Lydia Duynstee, Transactional Business Consultant
Transactional Business Consultant
Lydia is a Transactional Business Consultant for CT Corporation’s West Coast law firm and corporate clients. She helps develop strategies and solutions for corporate compliance issues arising in finance, M&A, real estate deals, and corporate reorganizations.
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