HealthMay 06, 2019

Nurses are the future of health care. Here’s how.

Do you know what nurses focus on every day? Is it more or less a “happy balance” of direct patient care, care coordination, and research and evaluation work? Chances are, it’s not. In fact, The National Academy of Medicine says that the “majority of nurses’ time is being consumed by documentation, medication administration, and communication regarding the patient, with less than 20% of their time estimated to go to direct patient care.

While the number of residents entering primary care keeps going down, the nursing workforce –composed of nurses of all levels- has more than doubled over the last twenty years. Meanwhile, the U.S. –indeed, the world’s– population is growing older and sicker, with increased rates of chronic conditions that require multiple treatments and active management.

If only nurses were able to practice at the top of their license, right?

There are two critical factors you can address to achieve clinical effectiveness and reduce unwanted variations: the decisions your care teams make every day and the engagement and preferences of your patients. In practice, you can:

Drive evidence-based decisions by nurses and patients alike

You can’t afford to have your nurses and patients access incomplete or conflicting information during the course of giving and receiving care.

Get your education materials and programs all in one place in the EHR

No one on the care team should waste time searching for the right folder or patient leaflet.

Boost patient outreach without burning out your staff

Use patient engagement programs that provide regular or live reporting so your nurses can only reach those patients truly in need.

Empower large patient groups to self-manage their chronic conditions

Help patients make better decisions and take actions for their health when they’re at home, whether it’s limiting their salt intake or taking their medication, using interactive and flexible solutions based on behavioral science.

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