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Tax & AccountingAugust 04, 2022

New CCH Axcess™ Tax Return Dashboard puts all the information you need in one place

By: Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting

The new CCH Axcess Tax Return Dashboard is now available to all CCH Axcess Tax users, providing a convenient new way to work with 1040 returns, in time for extension season. This free enhancement provides CCH Axcess Tax users with more efficiency, less hassle, and the ability to provide even more responsive client service. 

This new Return Dashboard features a simple interface with a lot of information packed onto one screen. This helps staff find the information they need, surfacing key insights from the large amount of data generated and stored by firms each year. It also helps preparers work more proactively by providing an easy-to-understand scorecard highlighting areas where more work may be needed. Some firms may even choose to use the dashboard as a point of reference for client conversations about the work being done.

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Find the information you need, all in one place

The Return Overview shows key dates, statuses amount due/refund amounts. The two-year comparison isolates the most important information and changes year-over-year. This at-a-glance information about each return enables accountants to find the information they need and resolve problems faster. E-file status on the return dashboard updates in near-real time, within 1 minute. This helps firms be more agile and provide more responsive client service.

Streamline the review process

Visualizations help preparers understand how much work still needs to be done and provide managers/reviewers insights into what expertise is needed and which areas to focus on. Diagnostic summary promotes higher-quality returns by ensuring preparers and reviewers understand how many diagnostics remain to be cleared. The return complexity scores highlight areas that are most likely to require special attention or expertise.

Get up to speed with microlearning

The Return Dashboard is the first CCH Axcess Tax feature to launch with built-in microlearning. The dashboard is very intuitive and effortless to use, but just in case you need a quick overview, we’ve embedded simple explanations and instructions directly into the interface.

Today’s accountants are pressed for time and dealing with very high client expectations. The status quo won’t get firms to where they need to be, which is why the CCH Axcess team is delivering innovative new features that match the needs of the profession.

See it in action! Contact us to schedule a demonstration.

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