CorporateOctober 20, 2020

Nancy McKinstry talks about business impact through COVID-19 and how our digital activities are proving to be resilient

In an extensive interview with the largest Dutch daily, De Telegraaf, Nancy McKinstry talks about her role as CEO during the pandemic and its effect on the business.

From a business perspective, Nancy explained that Wolters Kluwer grew less rapidly in the second quarter, while our digital activities are proving to be resilient because they are often part of multi-annual contracts. “The current situation offers us opportunities, because everything is increasingly becoming digitalized. Our innovation efforts are continuous, with the great example of our LegalView BillAnalyzer service that recently obtained a patent in the U.S. for the technology it uses that allows large companies to assess legal claims using artificial intelligence. This is another great outcome of our goal to invest every year 8-10% of our total revenues in new and enhanced products since 2003,” Nancy said.

On the question of how we are helping to combat the coronavirus, Nancy referred to UpToDate and Ovid within the healthcare space. She also mentioned the many specific products we made available for other sectors like law, finance, and tax.

As a business leader who hails from the U.S., she was asked the question if it makes a difference for the company who wins the U.S. elections. “Whoever wins, we see changes coming due to legislative developments and that's good for our business,” Nancy explains. “For the first time, we give our employees time off to go out and vote. Regardless of which candidate they prefer, it is important that they place their vote. By doing this, we promote democracy and the freedom to vote, which aligns with our company values.”

A discussion is taking place in the Netherlands currently, about headquarter offices of large companies planning or considering relocation of their head office to other countries. Nancy answered decisively that this item is not on the agenda of Wolters Kluwer. When asked about future plans, Nancy expressed that there is still much work to do. “More focus more on solutions for experts that combine knowledge with advanced technology, like UpToDate for clinicians and our latest legal product InView. Our ‘expert solutions’ today account for 50% of our revenues, so we are halfway there.

She also added that working from home and having several MS Teams calls during the day is different than working in the office. Nancy misses the real-life contact with colleagues. At the same time, she is extremely proud of how the vast majority of employees at Wolters Kluwer have adapted to working from home. Although she’s now closer to her family in the U.S., she misses her friends in the Netherlands and her strolls over the flower market in Amsterdam.

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