HealthMarch 09, 2023

Influencing the path to care with responsible advertising

This white paper for HCP marketers features findings from our latest survey of physicians, as well as expert insights on how marketers can adapt their advertising strategies to meet evolving content needs.

It’s time to adapt your HCP content strategy

Physicians are increasingly careful about the online content they consume. Marketers need to position their ads in the right channels, where they will impact how physicians practice care.

The experts at Wolters Kluwer recently surveyed physicians and analyzed their new professional content consumption habits. Some behaviors and attitudes have changed, especially in their perception of advertisements.

For example:

  • Context matters more than ever—physicians only engage ads in environments they trust.
  • Honesty and integrity are critical—physicians want accurate information, not promotions.
  • Curation is key—curated content is in, so prioritize it for your ads.

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