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LegalJanuary 02, 2024

Implement a solution rather than deploy technology

By: Michele Alwin

Research shows that 70% of in-house lawyers have experienced the failure of a past technology onboarding and yet more than 80% of legal departments expect to increase the use of technology to improve productivity. To avoid the pitfalls of the past and drive toward the success of the future, legal departments need the right technology partner - one that can deliver: a solution custom fit for the purpose, support to implement, educate and ensure adoption, and the backing of a company with strong financial health and legal and regulatory expertise in its DNA.

Legisway’s quick implementation and unlimited user training will lessen the burden of onboarding new software, ensuring success for everyone. The deep legal and regulatory expertise of Wolters Kluwer, combined with our low-code legal platform, enables a custom configured fit for your legal department and the business in as little as 6 weeks. Follow the lead of our experienced product consultants and see success through “small wins” early on, driving adoption by users and leadership alike. 

Fear of the Unknown

Change management is a significant concern for many organizations and implementing technology may involve changes in processes, workflows, and even culture. Don’t let fear of hidden costs and concerns over user adoption prevent your legal department from reaping the benefits of legal productivity tools. 

Do you worry about the burden on your organization? The time, resources and costs involved with onboarding?

Fear of the unknown is a common human instinct, and it extends to technology adoption. Achieving high adoption rates and ensuring that users are proficient with the new technology are critical for success and measuring the effectiveness of legal technology is crucial.

The Legisway Difference 

By addressing these concerns and offering tailored solutions, Legisway makes the implementation of legal technology a manageable and successful process for each client. With over 1000 corporate legal departments using Legisway worldwide, lawyers rely on our expertise. The Legisway team understands the importance of streamlining the onboarding process to minimize disruption and deliver small “wins” along the way. Organizations may not know what to expect during onboarding, leading to anxiety, but Legisway strives to provide clear and transparent guidance to alleviate these uncertainties. Legisway also places a strong emphasis on training and user support to facilitate adoption and make the transition as seamless as possible. Our primary focus is achieving the legal department’s desired end result. Together, we gather a comprehensive understanding of current workflows, processes and priorities, as well as goals. This collaboration provides the foundation for an implementation that serves the organization today and charts a path for the future as well.

6 Degrees of Legisway

Legisway users have a tradition of “bringing” us along as they transition to lead other legal departments. 

Have you heard of the theory “six degrees of separation”, sometimes referred to as “six degrees of Kevin Bacon”?

At Legisway we have our version, tracing the path of current customers from their origin. Our “6 Degrees of Legisway” began with a General Counsel (GC) implementing Legisway seven years ago; the GC recommended Legisway to colleagues in two separate, but related businesses; then the GC moved to another new company and adopted Legisway again; before moving to yet another new business and utilizing Legisway there as well. To round it out, a paralegal recommended Legisway when she moved to a new organization as well - in total six current and happy Legisway customers.

I believe this tradition stems from two key factors. While customers must recognize our product's ability to fulfill their needs, it goes beyond that. It's also about the way Legisway handles implementation and support, and our ability to transform the customer’s unique vision into reality. The most satisfied customers, those who choose to bring Legisway along as they transition to new roles or organizations, do so because they've witnessed how we can turn their specific and distinctive requirements into a reality. It's not just about managing contracts or entities; it's about tailoring our solutions to precisely meet their needs. Once they've experienced this, these legal professionals can envision how Legisway could benefit other organizations.

Implement a Solution, Don’t Just Deploy Technology

When you choose Legisway, you are implementing a solution, not just deploying technology. We recommend starting with the End Goal in sight, what is it that you want to achieve? That’s where you start.

  • Identify internal champions to advise and guide the process internally. These champions work closely with the Legisway team and ensure that the outcomes meet the goals of the organization.
  • Recognize incremental wins along the implementation journey. You can begin entering new matters into the system within a few weeks and receive notices on milestones and deliverables immediately. Incremental wins demonstrate value to the organization and ensure adoption as results are realized early.
  • Take advantage of our free role-based training and support to make sure administrators and business users are maximizing the benefit from Legisway. Training supports usage and usage supports adoption.

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Michele Alwin
Michele Alwin
Associate Director of Product Management and the Product Owner for Legisway, Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory U.S.
Michele Alwin is Associate Director of Product Management and the Product Owner for Legisway, the all-in-one workflow and productivity solution for Corporate Legal Departments from Wolters Kluwer. As head enthusiast for Legisway, she is an energetic problem-solver and always happy to talk about the challenges, and opportunities, faced by today’s corporate legal departments. Michele is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Law School and a licensed attorney.
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