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FinanceJune 14, 2023

How CCH® Tagetik for SAP HANA addresses the need for a finance revolution

As the need for faster and better-informed decisions grows, finance is challenged with an ever-growing volume of data to control. Discover how CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA can help!

Finance has always aimed at becoming more strategically driven yet has only grasped the tip of the iceberg in terms of the full range of strategic and data potential. With this in mind, we were certainly ahead of the curve when we decided to enter into a strategic partnership with SAP to revolutionize CPM by developing CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA. The joint offering of CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA, first grabbed attention in 2017 and has been gaining momentum ever since.

When searching for the best way to streamline your CPM processes, here are two main questions you should consider: The first question is how can your organization benefit from the revolutionary CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA’s data platform for finance. The second question is about what kind of revolution can CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA drive on your path towards finance transformation. 
Fill out the form and download the paper to have the answers to these questions, or keep reading to have a preview!

Therefore, let’s start from the beginning: Why CCH Tagetik?

CCH Tagetik is the only non-SAP solution provider natively running on SAP HANA and certified as “powered by SAP HANA”. Through a single solution, you can get access to the latest in-memory technology in the market – SAP HANA – while leveraging a leading CPM platform solution – CCH Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform, powered by the Analytic Information Hub. All data, all financial processes available through a single solution to speed up your analysis and accelerate speed of thought. In fact, CCH Tagetik, centralizes an organization's granular financial and operational data. You get the highly performing corporate performance management solution, the ability to manage vast quantities of granular data and a platform that lays a foundation for artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics.

You can shave days off your close cycle, get more in-depth planning and streamline planning processes across your organization. And if you combine the above with other optimizations and hardware upgrades that SAP HANA offers when running very large processes, performance will be exponentially faster.
All this means that thanks to CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA, you will move closer to real-time CPM. Remember: in the history of CPM applications, they have been defined by available performance, not actual business needs. CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA reverses the whole equation and allows Finance to start running the business and to give effective support to all other business functions.

Financial executives who have adopted CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA already understand the kind of “revolution” we deliver into their hands with the ability to:

  • Accelerate the generation of insights and maximize the value finance can extract from data
  • Act on real-time intelligence
  • Serve out centralized corporate data for use across all financial processes
  • Connect finance and operations with a central dataset
  • Process a broad set of advanced analytics on live transactions
  • Prepare for a future of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and machine learning
  • Experience the freedom and accessibility of the cloud

These benefits alone may not be good reasons to make a move. But there is much more! You may be thinking how all this fits into your vision and plan for evolving finance, becoming more agile and more modern, and more capable to support a faster and more conscious decision-making process. A “finance transformation” describes the steps the office of finance needs to take to manage the challenges — and grab the opportunities — in today’s digital age. CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA enables you to mine and identify underlying trends from raw data, and then apply those hidden insights to enrich executive decision-making.

What we see from many large organizations is that the first ingredient for a successful finance transformation journey is about streamlining what works today while solving for gaps and the potential issues of tomorrow. Organizations who arm themselves with the right level of flexibility, agility, and speed are the ones who best adapt and drive future business growth.

Cloud is one accelerator in today’s digital finance transformation, but organizations must understand their cloud readiness profile before deciding whether on premise or cloud is the right approach. With our flexible solutions you can easily decide to start on premise or via the cloud with no compromise in functionalities and no need to redo projects if you decide to switch from on premise to cloud. Running CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA adapts to your technological readiness. Some customers are running on their own cloud servers, some Amazon AWS or on Microsoft Azure, and some on premise with a view to moving seamlessly to the cloud in the future.

If you are asking what’s next, our mutual commitment to the CCH Tagetik and SAP strategic partnership keeps growing, helping us drive forward ideas and translate them into software developments to benefit our joint customers. CCH Tagetik keeps adding new applications and processes as well as enriching existing ones to offer an unrivaled breadth and depth of solutions.

Customers also have the reassurance that SAP is committed to maintenance and support of SAP HANA until at least 2040 as announced. CCH Tagetik’s ability to support massive amounts of data is boosted by SAP HANA and the long-term relationship between our organizations can give users great confidence in a single, unified platform, owned by business and not IT, for the full scope of the Office of Finance’s needs – enabling the Finance revolution.

If you still need to know more, check how CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA is truly evolving finance organizations across the globe.

Bani Brandolini
VP Strategic Partners - CCH Tagetik
Bani Brandolini, VP Strategic Partners CCH Tagetik, Wolters Kluwer, is a senior international executive with deep experience in enterprise software. 

Bani has led multiple generations of enterprise performance management and business intelligence organizations, including Oracle HYPERION, SAP OUTLOOKSOFT and, more recently, Wolters Kluwer CCH TAGETIK to global market leadership. 
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