HealthMay 06, 2020

How advanced analytics can enhance your drug diversion program

Recent efforts to curb the opioid crisis have focused on several factors, including appropriate and limited prescribing.

The increased scrutiny has some unintended consequences, leaving long-time/chronic pain patients without adequate pain relief or decreased access without appropriate supplemental support to prevent withdrawal or inadequate pain control. A once trusted, highly functional, and reliable employee may turn to diversion to supplement the gap between treatment and pain relief. Others may divert both controlled substances and non-controlled substances for financial gain.

It’s important to understand the motivators of diversion to inform policies and practices around diverting employees. Watch this webinar featuring Pamela Letzkus, Senior Director of Pharmacy, Scripps Health. 

Explore current trends in drug diversion including:

  • Workflows for daily reconciliation
  • Understand the role analytics can play in detecting diversion
  • Understand the benefits of improved analytics

Watch the webinar to learn more

Sentri7 Drug Diversion
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Reconciles drug transactions using AI to rapidly and accurately identify patterns of behavior consistent with drug diversion.
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