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Here’s the best NCLEX test prep for your nursing students

The National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) is a required rite of passage all registered, practical, and vocational nurses must pass before practicing anywhere in the United States. So many nursing students of course seek out the best test prep for the NCLEX to help get them ready for it.

But it doesn’t come easy. It’s the most important test prospective nurses will take, and often the most difficult. Nursing student can either be left feeling comforted, or more likely, become increasingly terrified at the thought of sitting down in front of the dreaded binary pass/fail exam.

The time leading up to taking the NCLEX exam doesn’t need to be clouded with stress and anxiety! Ambitious nursing students will likely search for the best NCLEX test prep questions online, which is great, but nursing educators should also be implementing resources to help their students most effectively prepare for the exam, and offer resources and tips for passing the NCLEX.

If you’ve been thinking about adding test prep for NCLEX to your nursing curriculum, the following statistics should help tip the scales.

In 2017, a total of 157,720 U.S. education RN candidates took the NCLEX exam with a passing rate of 87.11%. However, when 41,411 people who didn’t pass the first time around took the test again, only 45.56% of them passed.

Thanks to the Internet, nursing students now have a plethora of resources to choose from when searching for NCLEX review resources:

But what really helps students adequately prepare for the NCLEX with confidence is an adaptive learning platform that meets students where they are at. As a nursing educator, it is critical for you to set your students up for success the first time around, and with proven adaptive learning systems like Lippincott PassPoint, that’s easier than ever to do.

It’s no coincidence “Pass” is in the name! Students taking advantage of the Lippincott PassPoint learning system have a 93.70% NCLEX-RN pass rate—more than 7% higher than national averages of 86.65%. Numbers don’t lie, and neither do these raving testimonials from real PassPoint users.

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What makes Lippincott PassPoint the best NCLEX test prep solution?

Lippincott PassPoint is the only NCLEX online exam prep solution providing students the opportunity to take practice quizzes related to individual topics and simulate the actual NCLEX test format. The NCLEX is a computer adaptive test which means the test learns and adapts depending on how test takers answer each question. For example, if someone gets a question wrong, the following questions will be easier until they answer one correctly. If someone is consistently answering questions correctly, they’ll receive more and more difficult questions until they answer one incorrectly. PassPoint mimics this experience by customizing the users study and progress through the NCLEX review guide. It provides nursing students the most authentic NCLEX practice experience available, and it has a proven track record of helping students feel less stressed for test day. Plus, it’s accessible on any device, so students can study however they prefer.

The key to effective NCLEX test prep is studying through adaptive learning systems. With our PrepU adaptive technology that powers this system, Lippincott PassPoint monitors and analyzes data over time to tailor NCLEX quizzes and practice questions using a library of 13,000 test questions for a personalized learning experience.

But PassPoint isn’t just a backend algorithm that helps students study. Adaptive systems like Lippincott PassPoint provide real-time reporting for both students and faculty, adding massive power on both ends! As an educator, you can quickly spot at-risk students and gauge which concepts your class is having trouble with. On the student side, they get powerful real-time insight into how they’re NCLEX studying is progressing, and which areas they need to focus their time. It presents them with information on why their answers were right or wrong. Answering countless NCLEX practice questions is good (and recommended!), but with the ability to take simulated tests that emulate actual NCLEX exams and receive detailed performance reports, Lippincott PassPoint gives nursing students the best forecast of how they might perform on exam day.

At the end of the day, it’s much bigger than the NCLEX exam. It’s about ensuring that nursing students graduate with strong critical thinking and decision making skills most relevant to a smooth transition from the classroom to the workplace. The adaptive learning properties of Lippincott PassPoint give your students the ability to learn, try, and succeed in practice settings by exposing them to real-world concepts and procedures.

This isn’t a secret recipe or a hack for an easier route to the finish line; Lippincott PassPoint is the best test prep for NCLEX, giving students all of the resources and tools they need to walk in that test room feeling confident about rocking the exam. Set your students up for success by learning more about how Lippincott PassPoint can improve learning outcomes in your nursing program.

Want to learn more about what PassPoint can do for your students” NCLEX test scores?

Lippincott PassPoint
The only proven online solution that allows students to take adaptive simulated exams.
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Lippincott PassPoint
The only proven online solution that allows students to take adaptive simulated exams.
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