HealthESGMarch 10, 2021

ESG for business success and sustainability

Download this white paper to learn how environmental, social, and governance initiatives help achieve organizational objectives and resilience.

What's inside

As global climate change continues and organizations face more climate-related risks, investors and companies alike are embracing the need to integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions and business processes.

ESG factors may include how organizations respond to climate change, how they protect worker health and safety, how they manage supply chains, and how they build trust and foster innovation.

Download our white paper to learn how corporate commitment to ESG is increasing even during a pandemic and how the reporting of ESG disclosures allows investors to make informed assessments of risk and return for financial stability.

Key takeaways

Learn more about:

  • How ESG investing is expected to surge even during a global crisis
  • How more companies worldwide are making ESG disclosures
  • The differences between various ESG reporting standards
  • Recommendations for ESG disclosures
  • How integrated solutions support environmental and sustainability management
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