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Enhancing traceability and accuracy for improved medication tray management

Stocking medication trays is ripe for innovative automation and technology that enables pharmacy teams to implement more consistent safety checks, improve efficiency and respond much faster.  Our newest compliance solution at Wolters Kluwer, Simplifi+ MedTrays, helps your team improve patient safety through improvements in accuracy, consistency, traceability, and oversight: 

  • Accuracy – by using barcode management to ensure medication trays are restocked with the right drugs in the right doses.  
  • Consistency – by standardizing restocking and approval of medication trays. 
  • Traceability – by replacing paper recordkeeping with electronic documentation and enabling tray tracking throughout your facility.
  • Visibility & Oversight – by rapidly identifying and replacing at-risk drugs on medication trays throughout the hospital. 

Manage every drug on every cart, every time—with less pharmacy effort. Hear more from Wolters Kluwer compliance expert, Dr. Annie Lambert.

Enhancing traceability medication tray management
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Annie Lambert
Clinical Program Manager for Compliance Solutions
Compliance Solution Clinical Program Manager Annie Lambert, PharmD, BCSCP is committed to providing up-to-date USP content and expert compliance guidance, and to work with you to optimize the use of our Simplifi+ pharmacy compliance solutions.
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