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FinanceComplianceMay 19, 2024

eBook: Mastering Asset Liability Management (ALM) – 5 key steps for success!

Gain unparalleled insights into Asset Liability Management (ALM) for banks with our 5 key steps for a winning ALM strategy eBook. 

Why choose our ALM eBook?

  1. Learn the 5 key steps for success in proactive risk management in financial institutions. Gain a competitive edge by understanding how to effectively manage risks and protect your institution's financial stability.
  2. Benefit from in-depth analysis from subject matter experts who highlight the macro environmental challenges faced by the financial services industry. 
  3. Evaluate and improve your ALM practices with our comprehensive guide, covering areas such as interest rate risk, liquidity risk, balance sheet management, and capital management. 
  4. Discover the role of technology solutions, such as Wolters Kluwer's OneSumX ALM, in confidently navigating regulations. 
  5. Review industry viewpoints and analyst assessments to gain valuable insights from your peers in other financial institutions.

Get your copy of Mastering Asset Liability Management (ALM) today! Download the eBook for a comprehensive roadmap on how to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory reforms in ALM. From understanding the implications of regulatory changes such as interest rate and liquidity risks to proactive measures for compliance, each step offers valuable insights and actionable recommendations to help institutions stay ahead of the curve while driving sustainable growth and success.

Download the eBook!

OneSumX ALM Solution
Our award-winning Asset and Liability Management (ALM) solution supports an integrated approach to interest rate risk, liquidity risk, funds transfer pricing, and capital management requirements.
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