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Do I need a registered agent for my business?

When you incorporate your business, you are required to have a registered agent. All states require businesses that are incorporated or foreign qualified (registered to transact business) to have a registered agent in that state; however, many business owners have no idea what a registered agent is or does.

Why do you need a professional registered agent?

You may wonder why it’s important to have BizFilings as your professional registered agent. BizFilings’ Registered Agent service fully satisfies the demands placed on you and your business by the state so you can focus on the business of running your business. Having BizFilings as your registered agent is imperative if you are:

  • Incorporating in a state where you don’t have a physical location. You are legally required to have a registered agent with a physical address (no post office box) in the state of incorporation. Having BizFilings as your professional registered agent automatically satisfies this requirement.
  • Using a post office box as your business address. You cannot act as the registered agent for your business if you only have a post office box or a private mailbox.
  • Doing business in several states. When you register your company to do business in states other than your state of incorporation (a process called foreign qualification), you need a registered agent in each of those states. BizFilings provides this service as well as consolidated recordkeeping and compliance notifications, so you can concentrate on your business.
  • Changing addresses frequently. You must keep your registered agent address updated with the state, and changing it requires a formal state filing and possibly a state fee. With BizFilings as your registered agent service provider, you never have to worry about this.
  • Working from a home office. The registered agent address is a matter of public record. That means anyone, including marketers, can access it. It is not uncommon for the registered agent to receive a lot of junk mail. You won’t receive these unsolicited mailings since you have BizFilings as your registered agent.
  • Concerned about privacy. When a company receives a Service of Process (the document that provides notice a lawsuit is being filed against your company), it is often delivered by local law enforcement. Having law enforcement show up at your home or business is not ideal. BizFilings ensures you receive any Service of Process discreetly.
  • Worried you may overlook a document that requires immediate attention. It is very important that Service of Process be handled properly and promptly to avoid a default judgment, which will signal that the other party wins, and your company may need to pay damages. BizFilings will alert you if one is received.
  • Not keeping normal business hours. The registered agent must be available during normal business hours to accept important documents as they are delivered. As your professional registered agent service provider, BizFilings ensures you never miss important communications.
  • Working from a mobile office. If you do not have a permanent worksite or your business requires you to move around, using BizFilings ensures that important documents reach you and your business.
Mike Enright
Operations Manager
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