Country Guide: The Netherlands
ComplianceNovember 01, 2019

Country Guide: Netherlands

Doing business in the Netherlands offers many rewards. Strategically located, with access to 95% of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets, the Netherlands is recognized as a world-class business destination. The Dutch economy is ranked as the 17th largest in the world, is a major player in European trade, and is ranked by Forbes as the No. 4 “Best Countries for Business” in the world.

The Dutch business culture is characterized by a supportive corporate tax structure and wide network of tax treaties, a highly educated multilingual workforce, and superior logistics and technology infrastructure.

These factors, combined with uncertainty about Brexit, is causing many companies to relocate to the Dutch market, which is expected to be at the center of European financial trading post-Brexit.

However, if you’re considering doing business in the Netherlands, you’ll encounter strict new international business regulations enforced by the Netherlands government; unique entity and filing requirements; and even cultural differences.

With our experience and global footprint, CT Corporation delivers the products and services you need to keep you compliant as you do business in the Netherlands.

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