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Cooper University Hospital of New Jersey achieves USP compliance success with Simplifi+

Simplifi+ Pharmacy Compliance solutions from Wolters Kluwer have been a “game-changer” for Cooper University Hospital in Camden, New Jersey, says Val Lupo, pharmacy operations manager. 

In her managerial role at the hospital, Lupo is in charge of cleanroom operations and planning for compliance with USP 795, USP 797, and USP 800.

Data collection for quality assurance is one area, in particular, where Lupo witnesses a time savings with Simplifi 797, the USP compliance solution in the Simplifi+ suite. “There are thousands of points of data that you’re required to document on a daily and a monthly basis,” says Lupo.

“It was so hard to wrangle everything on paper. All told, doing data collection for quality assurance for the hospital would take me three days because I often had to track down what was missing and compile it, and then put it in a chart to present to hospital administration.”

While she describes her previous experience with quality assurance-related data collection as “one of my most dreaded tasks,” with Simplifi 797, the data collection process now takes Lupo about 20 minutes.

Transformation of daily pharmacy operations

Overall, daily pharmacy operations have been transformed at Cooper University Hospital as a result of its implementation of Simplifi+ Pharmacy solutions, according to Lupo.

“Cumbersome” is how she describes the process of manually handling large stacks of paper to ensure compliance and quality assurance. Today, Lupo relies on Simplifi+ to manage a vast amount of data in the hospital’s pharmacy, including documentation, quality assurance, inspections, and compliance.

She points to two additional challenges her hospital faced before implementing Simplifi+. These included ensuring compliance in managing medication areas in outpatient settings and getting hospital-based office locations to participate in compliance activities.

With Simplifi+ Pharmacy solutions, Lupo has been able to significantly improve compliance rates in these areas while making the compliance process more efficient.

“Our compliance numbers for inspection of medication areas have jumped from a low percentage to 90% or even 100% with Simplifi+,” she says. “We used to rely on our administrative coordinator to compile this data from our various sites, which meant office staff had to email or fax pieces of paper to the pharmacy–and that information sat in a chart in a huge binder. Now I just log in to my Simplifi + applications, either Simplifi 797 or Simplifi + MedStorage.”

In addition, Lupo has quick and easy access to the volume of compounded medications made by her pharmacist colleagues in Simplifi 797. Access to this real-time insight may help make a case for hiring additional staff, she explains.

Simplifi 797®
Take the guesswork out of USP medication compounding compliance with a customizable, mobile, evidence-based solution.

A solid business case and implementation success

Lupo advocated early and often for implementing Simplifi 797 to improve USP compliance. But it was her solid business case that clinched the deal with hospital administration: An inspector could fine the hospital $50 for every missing expiration date detected on an oral medication and $100 per dosage for every IV.

“From a financial perspective regarding the fines we would need to pay, Simplifi+ Pharmacy solutions suite has already paid for itself,” she says, adding that the hospital is similarly prepared for inspections by the Joint Commission, the New Jersey Board of Pharmacy, or any other entity that needs access to large amounts of information.

She worked closely with Simplifi+ implementation experts who were instrumental in setting up the solutions across her hospital, with no glitches. “The implementation work you did is really amazing. I really appreciate your team,” says Lupo.

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Simplifi 797®

Take the guesswork out of USP medication compounding compliance with a customizable, mobile, evidence-based solution.

Simplifi 797 provides the latest evidence-based guidance and helps navigate the complex USP Chapters 795, 797 and 800 processes to ensure inspection confidence and keep patients and staff safe.
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