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HealthNovember 21, 2021

Online resources for journal authors: webinars, tutorials, and more

For many people, the challenge to getting published isn’t conducting novel research worthy of publication, it’s in various aspects of the writing process.

Fortunately, there are a wide range of instructive resources at your disposal, available in several languages. See below for a list of resources that are freely available to help you prepare a high-quality journal manuscript.

Webinars for journal authors

Journal selection: where should you submit your manuscript
Language: English

What to expect from the peer-review process
Language: English

Using research reporting guidelines to improve your manuscript
Language: English

Following standard ethical guidelines in publishing
Language: English

A guide to open access and publishing in the open access journal Medicine
Language: English

Language tips for academic writing: helping you communicate your science effectively
Language: English

Choosing the right target journal and navigating editorial processes
Language: Chinese

Essentials of academic writing
Language: Chinese

Common errors and publishing tips
Language: Mandarin

Common errors and publishing tips
Language: Portuguese

Video tutorials for article authors

How to write an abstract for a scientific article

How to write the results section of a scientific article

How to write the discussion section for a scientific article

How to write the methods section for a scientific article

eLearning module

Free learning model to start writing now

Helpful articles for manuscript authors

New scholars writing for publication

Scientific writing toolkit prepares authors to write and publish their research

Free download

Choosing an Open Access Journal
Language: English

Additional resources for journal authors

Author resources

Tools and Tutorials

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