Terms and Conditions Twinfield Training

  1. Applicability
    These terms and conditions apply to all training courses provided by Twinfield – Wolters Kluwer and replace all agreements previously made and which in any way differ.
  2. Training course applications
    You can apply in writing (and by email) to attend our training courses, after having reached agreement by phone in regards to the training course(s) to be followed, and the date and location of the aforementioned course(s). By applying in writing, you acknowledge your understanding of, and agreement with, the general training terms and conditions. Within your written application, you will need to advise the name(s) of the delegate(s) and their email addresses. Should the aforementioned procedure not be adhered to, then Twinfield reserves the right to allow your application to lapse. You will receive written confirmation of your application.
  3. Duration and location of the training
    The location and duration of the training course is specified in the relevant course description. Descriptions of all training courses can be found on Twinfield’s website.
  4. Prior knowledge & requirements
    If there are indications at Twinfield that the training course chosen by a registered participant may not be the most suitable course, Twinfield will contact the applicant and recommend alternatives. The applicant, however, remains ultimately responsible for his / her choice.
  5. Cancellations / postponements
    Any cancellations or postponements must always and only be submitted in writing (email is accepted) along with details of the course to which an application has been made and which the applicant wishes to postpone or cancel. Should the cancellation or postponement be submitted no less than two weeks prior to the course start date, then the course can be followed at a later date. It is also possible to follow a different course priced equivalently. In the event that the cancellation or postponement is submitted within the two week period prior to the start of the training or after commencement of the training course, then the delegate will be charged 50% of the course fee. This condition applies irrespective of the reason for the cancellation / postponement. Delegates may nominate a replacement attendee prior to the start of the course, however not once the relevant training course is underway.
  6. Amendments
    Twinfield retains the right to make amendments to the course content, conditions, data, location and any other detail of the training course, when necessary. Twinfield furthermore retains the right to cancel a training course in the event of insufficient interest and to make alternative suggestions.
  7. Training times, registration and care
    Delegates are required to present themselves for registration at the address specified in clause three at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the course.
  8. Responsibility
    Twinfield is not responsible for any damage to clients’ or third party personal possessions. Neither is Twinfield responsible for other damage, including business interruption and consequential loss, if in relation to (the journey to or from) the training site or the course content, as well as resultant costs and any (consequential) loss due to changes, cancellations and replacements. The client indemnifies Twinfield against any claims brought by third parties.
  9. Invoicing and payments
    Twinfield course costs are published in GBP and exclusive of VAT. Twinfield retains the right to change the costs insofar as the case may legally allow without giving prior notice to the applicant. In the event that Twinfield increases the price of the training course after the application has been submitted, then the applicant retains the right to cancel his / her application with no financial commitment or consequence provided that the price increase is not the consequence of a legal action or liability and provided that the cancellation is submitted to Twinfield in writing by the applicant no more than two weeks after the price increase is announced. Invoices for training courses are to be settled prior to the commencement of the relevant course. Twinfield may deny access to a training course if the outstanding amount has not been settled. In the event that Twinfield sends the invoice after the start of the training course, then the invoice must be settled according to the payment terms specified.
  10. Course material
    Work books and / or documentation provided during the training may be retained by the delegate.
  11. Property
    Twinfield or the original owner retain the intellectual and industrial rights and all other possible copy- or property rights over the content of the training courses and the course material. Copying or providing the content of the training course and / or the course material or any part thereof to third parties is not permitted without prior written consent from Twinfield.
  12. General conditions
    These training terms & conditions are separate from the agreement made with Twinfield for the use of their system. With respect to the content of the training and / or the content of the client’s account details, the usual confidentiality obligations apply to both the training and Twinfield employees, as also specified in the agreement.

May 2014

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