As firms are moving away from IAS 39 and topic 815 to IFRS 9 and ASU 2017, new complexities come into play which require more coordination and alignment across data, calculations, and processes. At the same time, as hedge accounting solutions are in high demand, current hedge accounting practices are under pressure by market changes, such as Covid-19 and IBOR reforms. OneSumX for Hedge Accounting provides the modularity and flexibility needed to deal with changing markets and regulations, is closely in line with regulatory changes, and gives immediate insight to direct users, managers and auditors – all helping your firm remain compliant and competitive.
OneSumX Hedge accounting provides the following modular components:
certificate diploma licence certification accreditation testimonial digital online icon
Hedge designation and documentation
calculator percentage tax preparation taxprep trusts returns icon
Fair value and hedged risk calculations
person checks check boxes icon
Effectiveness testing
search system magnifying glass icon
Sources of ineffectiveness analysis
sliders screen flexible flexibility icon
Hedge accounting and manual adjustments
screen checks checkbox finger pointing preparing audit icon our hiring process apply for a job
Dashboard, limit management and disclosures
Hedge Accounting Diagram

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