What our customers are saying about Lippincott Solutions in Australia and New Zealand

We are humbled and happy that our computer software technology and evidence-based content—delivered at the point-of-care and via professional development—helps improve patient outcomes and fosters clinical excellence.

“We wanted to be consistent in terms of patient care that was evidence-based—keeping the patient at the forefront of our rationale for all of this. We looked at what was available in the market, the clinical staff reviewed that again, and chose Lippincott Procedures.”

 – Kate Rawlings, Programme Director, South Island Workforce Development Hub 

“One of the biggest gains [of implementing Lippincott Procedures] has been consistency between the care continuum for the patients, whatever context they come from—whether from our city, or in the rural area. Consistency is really important.”

– Cheryl Atherfold, Deputy CNO, Waikato District Health Board

"Lippincott Procedures has been almost a godsend, and especially the clinical checklists. To actually get a standardised clinical checklist was proving to be really quite difficult."

– Neil Hellewell, Nurse Educator, Canterbury District Health Board

Lippincott Procedures has taken us into the 21st century. We’ve never had the majority of the nurses who work in a district health board, in primary health, in aged residential care and students, having access to the same procedures, based on the same evidence, research and best practice.”

– Sue Hayward, Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer, Waikato District Health Board

“Evidence-based practice is always evolving, and there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep abreast of everything that is changing at the rate that it changes. With [Lippincott® Procedures], I can access that database with just one click. And when I do have periods of time where I haven’t practiced the same clinical skill or there’s a certain procedure that I haven’t done in a little while, it’s a really good way to refresh.”

– Patumahoe Leaf-Wright, a registered nurse at Waikato Hospital

“Before I go and perform a skill, I like to look up Lippincott. It helps me make sure I’m practicing with best practice and ensure I’m performing the skills correctly, also maintaining patient safety.”

– Ella Bonnington, student nurse from the Ara Institute of Canterbury in Christchurch

“If there is a resource that is evidence-based, obviously current, easy to access, quick, ‘back to the bedside,’ that can help nurses make clinical decisions, I think that can benefit their practice.”

– Rebekah Edwards, RN and Clinical Practice Improvement Lead, Gold Coast University Hospital, Southport, Queensland South Island Workforce Development Hub

“What we like most about Lippincott Procedures and Lippincott Advisor is that they are updated regularly. Having Lippincott, we have confidence that our procedures are current and evidence-based. Lippincott’s Nursing Procedures and Skills has helped us improve patient care, particularly with our new graduates. RNs can now review a procedure that they may have only done once in school, rather than proceed apprehensively feeling they ‘should know how to do it.’ There was certainly some work upfront in implementing Procedures in our organisation. We reviewed all of Lippincott’s procedures to ensure that they were relevant to our facility, and added critical notes to make them pertinent to our facility's practices. Now we have a strong, evidence-based list of procedures that fit our organisation, and get updated regularly.”

– Lisa Baske, Clinical Educator, Memorial Hospital at University of Colorado Health, Colorado Springs, CO

“Everybody wants the same thing: the best outcome for the patient.”

– Colin Lott, Emergency RN, Hornsby Kuring-gai Hospital, Sydney

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