Alleviating your Indirect Tax burden

When it comes to managing GST/VAT or other indirect tax obligations, businesses are facing more scrutiny over their tax data from tax authorities. This creates increased pressure to keep pace with their growing digitalisation mandate and demand for robust governance. ​

Our indirect tax solution can streamline your workflow and deliver accurate and consistent transaction analysis over significant data sets – allowing you and your team to reduce enterprise risk and be more productive and effective with your time.

Highlights for our Australian solution

  • Streamlines the supply chain of your BAS data preparation all the way through to filing with the ATO.
  • Pre-fills disclosures by leveraging the ATO’s records, thereby streamlining preparation and mitigating the risk of human error.
  • In-application data validation provides you confidence that disclosure data aligns with the ATO's published rules during the final steps of review.
  • e-Filing functionality directly lodges your BAS with the ATO.
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CCH Integrator Indirect Tax
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Tailored, trusted, transformational

CCH Integrator can be swiftly configured to match your specific business needs. Our experts will work with you to make sure the system is mapped to your business’s existing processes and specific indirect tax requirements – locally and internationally.​

Harness the ability to run analytics anywhere in the world and to prepare GST/VAT returns in up to 26 jurisdictions (and counting). For existing CCH Integrator clients, it’s simple to activate the solution. No new software needs to be installed.

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