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CorporateTax & AccountingFebruary 02, 2022

Tax Assurance Guide

Your Guide on how to use tax technology to meet the Australian Tax Office (ATO) Justified Trust requirements.

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The Australian Tax Office (“ATO”) ‘justified trust’ methodology is a whole-of-tax approach to engage and measure the tax risk profile of the largest corporate taxpayers in Australia. More than just making sure risks don’t arise, the ATO's objective is to understand each organisation's profile to ensure that organisation is paying their fair share of tax. It involves identifying potential risks and future areas of focus and areas of tax that are managed properly, leading to an assurance benchmark for the organisation.

The purpose of this guide is to provide insights on the relevance of how corporate tax technology can support your organisation meet controls detailed on the ATO’s “Tax risk management and governance review guide”. It is developed primarily for large and complex corporations, tax consolidated groups and foreign multinational corporations conducting business in Australia subject to the ATO tax assurance.

This guide aims to help you understand what the ATO believes better tax corporate governance practices look like, so you can:

  • Develop or improve your tax governance and internal control framework to identify and manage tax risk.
  • Regularly test the robustness of the design of your framework policies and controls.
  • Use CCH Integrator to support and assess your tax governance and internal control framework.
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Your guide on how to use tax technology to meet the Australian Tax Office (ATO) Justified Trust requirements.

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