Every medication decision counts

Every medication decision, whether prescribing, dispensing, counseling, administering treatments, settling policy, or helping patients to manage their conditions, is critical.

The stakes are high: The annual cost associated with medication errors is an estimated $42 billion globally, according to the World Health Organization. With evidence changing daily, you need referential drug information that is evidence-based, continually updated, and easily accessible at the point of care for professionals across the healthcare landscape.

The power of one voice for drug information

Drug solutions, such as UpToDate® Lexidrug™ (formerly Lexicomp®) and Medi-Span®, deliver real-world, evidence-based insights and recommendations to support you when making appropriate drug decisions for your patients and members. Drug insights are also integrated into UpToDate clinical decision support to enable better care decisions and diagnoses. If the same drug information is used across multiple departments, organizations and even industries, then the whole healthcare ecosystem can make unified, evidence-based drug decisions.

Our unified drug information offers the power to…

"Having a trusted source for drug decisions is critical to delivering safe, high-quality healthcare. Using [UpToDate Lexidrug], I am confident that the information we provide to other healthcare professionals is contributing to the best possible outcomes for our patients."

– Colm Devine, Chief Pharmacist, Letterkenny University Hospital, Ireland

Efficiently access key drug information within clinical decision support

When treating a patient, you need to move quickly while also making the best decisions possible. Likewise, setting policy or evaluating benefits and claims requires precise and efficient choices. Clear, concise drug monographs make it easy to apply the drug information to the decisions at hand. In addition to drug topics, UpToDate grants you access to the following drug databases:

  • General and disease-specific dosing, including evidence-based, off-label dosing
  • Detailed dose adjustments for impaired kidney or liver function, obesity, or toxicity
  • Pediatric and neonatal dosing and drug administration
  • A separate drug interactions program (Lexi-Interact) that provides a more in-depth analysis of drug-drug, herb-drug, and herb-herb interactions
  • Drug adverse effects, warnings, and precautions, including practical details such as premedication information and patient monitoring parameters
  • Drug administration details, including drug brands, available strength, and dosage form information
  • Current FDA Special Alerts and major Health Canada safety communications

The drug information and drug interactions databases in UpToDate and Lexidrug solutions add another level of knowledge to clinical and pharmacological practice, helping improve the quality and safety of care.

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With UpToDate Lexidrug, additional solutions designed for retail pharmacy can enhance efficiency and improve formulary adherence.

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