Hear how UpToDate positively impacts care, costs, physician satisfaction, and more.

Improving quality of care

Healthcare organizations around the world use solutions from UpToDate® to achieve better patient outcomes.
Screenshot of Taichung Veterans General Hospital video
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Dr. Francis Poon, Director Clinical Informatics, discusses how the evidence-based recommendations in UpToDate help improve quality at Taichung Veterans General Hospital in Taiwan.
Screenshot of University of Padova Medical School video
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Dr. Paolo Pauletto, Professor of Internal Medicine at University of Padova Medical School in Italy, discusses how UpToDate helps clinicians stay current and informs important conversations with patients who find inaccurate information online.
Screenshot of University Hospital of Liege video
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Philippe Kolh, CIO at University Hospital of Liege, speaks about how UpToDate provides global, evidence-based recommendations for care.
Screenshot of Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals - United Kingdom video
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Dr. Mike Fisher, Consultant Cardiologist at the Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals, United Kingdom, discusses how UpToDate helped him quickly diagnose and care for a patient.
“UpToDate behaves like a consultant, not like an encyclopedia. You’re asynchronously consulting with the experts who wrote the article.”
Dr. David Fleece, CMIO, Temple University Health System

Crises introduce challenges and opportunities: UpToDate delivers solutions

COVID-19 introduced unique challenges and highlighted growth opportunities. Find out how two hospitals used UpToDate to rise to the challenges and expand their capabilities.

When care gets complex, clinicians find answers in UpToDate

Read the stories of clinicians who found the insights they needed for rare and complex clinical cases.
See how research studies demonstrate the broad impact of UpToDate on care

Clinicians prefer UpToDate-powered EHRs

See how organizations deliver greater impact with UpToDate access in electronic health records.
Screenshot of United Hospital System video
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Dr. Jeffrey Trimark, CMIO and Medical Director of Clinical Excellence at United Hospital System, discusses the importance of making UpToDate easily accessible in the clinical workflow with UpToDate Anywhere.
Screenshot of CentraCare Health System video
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Dr. Darin Willardsen, Vice President and CMIO at CentraCare Health System, discusses how clinicians appreciate having UpToDate easily accessible from any location within the EHR.
Screenshot of UMC Utrecht video
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Hyleco Nauta, Director of IT for UMC Utrecht, one of the largest public healthcare providers in Holland, discusses how integrating UpToDate in the EHR helps provide medical intelligence in the workflow.
Screenshot of Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital video
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Dr. David Rosengren, Emergency Medicine Specialist at Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, discusses how UpToDate delivers critical information quickly at the point of care (via mobile access and EHR integration).

Shaping the clinicians of tomorrow

Universities and students count on UpToDate to prepare them for careers in medicine and learn how evidence is applied to patient care


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