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Rethinking internal audit: Governance needs gardening   

Internal Auditing is a profession at a crossroads. Stakeholders in organizations may see less and less value in the contributions from internal audit which jeopardizes the legitimacy and relevance of internal auditing as a profession. Rethinking internal audit is needed to fully utilize the value proposition of the internal auditing profession.

This webinar looks at the four fundamentals of internal audit and suggests widening the repertoire of internal auditing to determine the future role of internal audit, its legitimacy, its relevance, and its organizational and societal significance. Internal auditing as a 'Gardener of Governance' is introduced as a promising metaphor to strengthen its value proposition.

Join our speaker, Dr. Rainer Lenz, to explore how internal audit can strengthen the foundation of organizations and can function as a catalyst for positive, real, and energetic improvement.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain firsthand insights into a creative perspective on positioning the effective internal auditor in the corporate ecosystem.
  • Explore the four fundamentals of internal auditing and widen the repertoire of internal auditing: from AC (Assure, Consult) to ABC (Assure, Build, Consult).
  • Understand why effective internal auditors need to become pioneers and learn how to get there by appreciating GARDENING as a helpful metaphor and G (GOVERNANCE) as the overarching concept.

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Note: CPE is not offered on this webinar recording. We offer CPE credits on many of our live webinars. Click here to view our upcoming webinar calendar.
Dr. Rainer Lenz, CIA, QIAL, CIIA, CEFA
Director, Corporate Audit Services, SAF-HOLLAND Group
Dr. Rainer Lenz is a financial and corporate audit executive with 30+ years of international experience in global organizations.
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