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ComplianceTháng Tư 26, 2024

Innovation and technology part 2: Staying on top of the organization's technology adoption

Technology has become the lifeblood of organizations, a vital tool used regularly in essentially every function. But while 60% of business and risk leaders see one new technology tool, generative AI (GenAI), as an opportunity, 57% say that preparing for investments in new technology is the single biggest trigger to review the risk landscape, according to the PwC 2023 Global Risk Survey.

Technology offers new benefits, but dependence on it also brings threats, ones that are growing as tech use becomes more critical and pervasive. These include risks related to the ways that technology is adopted. Internal audit can help organizations determine and carry out the best implementation strategies to minimize risk and enhance the value of new technologies. This brief discusses the steps internal audit can take to add value in this effort.

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