ComplianceTháng Tư 21, 2020

A practical guide to auditing remotely and managing a remote workforce

As auditors, we were caught in the work-from-home requirement. Our work is often very different from that of typical groups. We spend our time split between interviewing, testing, and documenting. Interviewing requires face-to-face meetings, testing often involves reviewing confidential information, and documentation could require us to be on our organization’s network. With these challenges, and many more, how can we effectively conduct our audits remotely? To answer this question, we will explore three aspects of remote auditing: logistics, communication, and external challenges.

Learning objectives:

  • Provide detailed lists of equipment needs for remote auditing and reasons for use
  • Understand the communication skills required for online interviewing and conducting remote meetings
  • Resolve many of the unexpected external challenges faced by remote auditors

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Note: CPE is not offered on this webinar recording. We offer CPE credits on many of our live webinars. Click here to view our upcoming webinar calendar.
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