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Building a civil and healthy academic work environment

Watch this free webinar presented by Elaine Tagliareni, EdD, RN, CNE, FAAN, Consultant, National League for Nursing and Barbara Patterson, PhD, BSN, MSN, Distinguished Professor and Director of the PhD Program in the School of Nursing, Associate Dean for Scholarship and Inquiry, Widener University by completing the form.

Drs. Patterson and Tagliareni discuss the national dialogue directed toward schools of nursing to embed a culture of civility into the vision, mission, and shared values of nursing programs and to thread civil encounters throughout everyday interactions with colleagues and students. Discover resources developed by the NLN, to address ways to foster safe, civil, and collegial learning environments and improve the health of the academic work environment and facilitate faculty satisfaction. How will faculty initiate and sustain courageous conversations directed toward cultivating academic civility?

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