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10 years later and Astaldi continues to evolve their finance transformation journey with CCH Tagetik!

Listen to how CCH Tagetik delivers real-time data across Astaldi's 150 entities with over 50 currencies and 10 consolidation scenarios!
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Due to the very fast grow of the company, we needed a software based on projects, while the previous one was only focused on legal entity logic.

With CCH Tagetik we have had the opportunity to underline and stress our financial performances,divided by each project.

The most difficult aspect to manage was the location worldwideof our plants - they are located in Europe and South America, North America and Asia - so we needed aweb-based solution that allowed us to collect data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week considering that we workon very different time zones.

Thanks to the web-based CCH Tagetik platformwe lowered our TCO from 20% to 30%,and we can benefit from real-time data across our entities.We use CCH Tagetik for statutory consolidation: we have 150 differententities with over 50 different currencies, so we have a lot of data to convertto euros, about 10 different consolidation scenarios, and 300different contributors located worldwide.

We also use CCH Tagetik for budgeting and forecasting basedon a project approach: every project manages its own budget on a monthly basis with revenue and costs shared across different currencies.

Then, we have the budget and financial planning to calculate all thedifferent currencies, we also use CCH Tagetik for Enterprise Risk Management,which is a new process, and finally the Collaborative DisclosureManagement, which allows us to produce the notes to the balance sheets for many differentscenarios and to refresh and update data in a very fast way.Astaldi was in a software selection with Cognos, IBM, Hyperion…and the difference we perceived from CCH Tagetik consultants was in their approach in respect of our needs.

After 10 years Astaldi has no regretsand this is demonstrated by the fact that we are enlarging our experience with CCH Tagetikto other CPM processes … the last one to be implemented will probably be the Integrated Reporting, I'm personally working on this and I'm absolutely sure of the success of this project.CCH Tagetik is used daily by our CFO, who has visibility on all of Astaldi's financial accountsworldwide, thanks to specific reports addressed to the CFO, so he can monitor the bank account situation in real time everyday.Yes, I absolutely recommend CCH Tagetik to someone else.
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