Langkawi is an excellent option
Langkawi is known to offer a "flag of convenience" which is a term used for registration in a foreign jurisdiction that offers tax breaks and more operational freedom.

Located on Malaysia's west coast surrounded by a beautiful turquoise sea, yacht registration in Langkawi is recognized around the world and was built for the purpose of international use. It is much more cost-effective than a number of other jurisdictions and less process/requirement-intensive when compared to many other countries.

In most cases, yacht registration in Langkawi does not require a survey of the vessel to be registered (this requirement from many other countries adds significant costs and time to the registration process). One of the other major advantages is that you are not required to keep the vessel in Langkawi waters nor visit Langkawi in order to maintain the validity of its registration. This means that boat owners are free to keep their boats wherever they prefer to keep them.

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