business people having a meeting about mitigating debtor-related risk in unperfected liens
ComplianceFinance14 decembrie, 2020

The fast and efficient way to mitigate debtor-related risk

Unperfected liens in your portfolio have the potential to become a big problem. At any time, up to 6% of the liens in your portfolio could be unperfected. With an average loan amount of $481M, that could represent up to $29M in unprotected assets. Can you take that much risk? 

Potential problems could include:

  • Debtor name change – Financing statements will only be effective for collateral acquired before the name change and for four months after
  • Entity status change – Potentially lose the recoverability of the loan 
  • UCC not filed in the correct jurisdiction – Financing statement is not effective 

Our risk mitigation services can help you: 

  • Diagnose your risk – With our lien analytics capability, we can provide unprecedented visibility into your portfolio 
  • Bulk filings – We file UCCs in bulk using streamlined processes instead of error-prone data rekeying 
  • Ongoing monitoring – Part of our advanced, complete suite of Manage solutions; you'll know about any debtor-related changes immediately

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