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UpToDate® offers a unified suite of solutions that provide healthcare professionals with unparalleled clinical and drug content. From answering complex medical questions to aligning care decisions, UpToDate can unify care teams with reliable content. Our clinical and drug content is trusted by healthcare professionals worldwide, providing them with reliable and unified solutions to achieve their goals.

UpToDate is a comprehensive and evidence-based resource that is regularly updated to ensure that healthcare professionals have access to the latest information and research in their field.

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  • UpToDate helps reduce care variability across New Jersey health system’s facilities
UpToDate content is written and arranged in a way that reflects how physicians think and practice. With more than 12,300 clinical topics, UpToDate is one of the most useful resources for our physicians—not only for practicing, but also for their clinical case studies, research, or presentations.
Toshio Fukuoka, MD
UpToDate is a strong, unequivocal resource that you can rely on as a basis for decisions … Integrating UpToDate with a platform that is available at all Meridian facilities, including remote access for affiliated private practice physicians, was important for ensuring all patients receive the same high standard of care.
Dr. David Kountz, Vice President, Academic Affairs 
Reduce diagnostic errors by 91%
A 2018 study in Japan identified 100 patients who visited an outpatient department in a community-based hospital. Half were seen by physicians equipped with UpToDate, and half were seen by physicians without UpToDate. They compared diagnostic error rates between the groups.

The diagnostic error rate for the patients seen by physicians equipped with UpToDate was 2%.

The diagnostic error rate for patients seen by physicians not equipped with UpToDate was 24%.
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