Highlights & Insights (H&I)


Highlights & Insights on European Taxation (H&I) contains extensive information about all recent developments in European Taxation in the area of VAT, direct taxation, customs and excise including commentary by specialists.

H&I Coverage includes:

  • All the recent judgments of the Court of Justice in the area of VAT, direct taxation, customs and excise
  • All relevant press releases, communications, Directives and reports in the area of taxes from the European Commission, the EU Council and the European Parliament
  • New cases that have been brought to the ECJ
  • Important cases from national courts
  • Everything with a clear and critical comment from specialists in these areas
The authors are specialists in the EU. Summaries and comments for H&I are contributed daily by around 100 authors from various Member States within and immediately connected to the European Union.

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DAC6 Smart Chart

(Mandatory Disclosure Rules)


Provides a central resource for the international tax professional to ascertain the following:

  • Implementation status of DAC6 on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction basis
  • Effective Date
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Penalties
  • Direct link to Primary Source

Global Tax Laws

- Global Tax and Commercial Laws Smart Chart
- International Tax Calendar

Tax Treaties

- Multilateral Instrument Tracker
- Tax Treaty Withholding Rate Decision Tool

BEPS/Transfer Pricing

- Transfer Pricing Limited Income Agreement Smart Chart
- Transfer Pricing Quick-Answers Smart Chart and Forms 
- BEPS Country Tracking Smart Chart
- BEPS Country-by-Country Reporting Compliance Smart Chart


- Global VAT Rates & Answers Smart Charts
- VAT Forms, Instructions
- European Union VAT Registration Number Checker

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