Why Expere® Language Translation

Translating nuanced legal financial documents for non-English speaking consumers is expensive, time consuming, and prone to human error. Expere® Language Translation is an artificial intelligence financial document translation system which leverages proprietary, curated, compliance dictionaries and linguistic and compliance experts to deliver highly accurate, scalable, and fast translation capabilities for financial institutions. 

Benefits of Expere® Language Translation

An enterprise translation module for all Expere® supported content on your business
Provide customers with accurate non-English documents with no lag time
Integrated all-in-one translation solution that is automated and part of the doc prep workflow
Contextual accuracy resulting from our machine aided linguists and compliance experts
Scalable and consistent enterprise translation solution that is designed for business growth
Reduce current state translation costs and reach new customers
Wolters Kluwer Expere Language Translation Solution
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Expere Language Translation

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