Seamless automation: Originate, document and service

Origination features

Standard industry documents for 51 jurisdictions that are monitored and kept compliant with federal and state rules and regulations as well as investor requirements

Early Disclosure documents that are compliant with current loans [e.g. TILA-RESPA Loan Estimate, GFE, Homeownership Counseling Notice, etc.] 

Controlled product templates with pre-configured policies and documents workflow interfaces for upfront services [e.g. Credit Bureau, ATR/QM, HOEPA/HPML]

Automated business rules and calculations performed by the system

Closing documents that are compliant with current loans [e.g. HUD Settlement Statements, Closing Disclosures] 

Business-to-business workflow interfaces to closing service providers [e.g. Flood Determinations] and exports to enable downstream workflows

Assumption documents and workflow capabilities that can be extended to Home Equity Closed-end Loans

Taking productivity to a new level: Business process management
  • An assumption business process that’s controlled from within a single system
  • The ability to manage timing requirements around tasks by all parties involved in the transaction
  • The ability to manage the sending and receiving of electronic versions of documents (PDFs)
  • Configurable workflows and tasks that assist with process management and user work queue visibility
  • Efficient collaboration between all parties involved in the assumption including initial Application from Borrower
Tamper-sealing technology: Secure document exchange

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Assumption lending
Streamline and simplify the assumption lending process
Seamless automation
Wolters Kluwer’s Assumption Lending solution can simplify and streamline the Assumption Lending process through our server-hosted SaaS platform.
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