With Office Companion, you will enjoy:

  • An easy-to-use, intuitive solution for all members of your legal or claims department
  • Streamlined matter workflows with access to all documents, emails, and notes directly within the Microsoft Office Suite
  • Increased usage and adoption of your legal matter management technology
  • Enhanced collaboration with legal service providers to improve processes and communications
TyMetrix 360 Office Companion
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Matter management workflows directly in Office

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Manage your matters, including emails, notes, and documents, without switching applications.

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Simply drag and drop or quick file emails, documents, and other attachments to and from their corresponding matters in seconds.

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Documents and files are opened directly in their associated Office application for viewing and editing with convenient check-in and check-out functionality.

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Single-click access to matter creation, directly from Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.


Automatic tracking and displaying of document status updates, with revision histories available for review.

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Customizable tabs can be filtered by matter type, status, practice area, etc. and saved or modified based on user preferences.

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