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ComplianceFinanceApril 08, 2022

Wolters Kluwer FRR and Chartis Research present webinar on Dynamic Analytical Response

Wolters Kluwer Finance, Risk & Regulatory Reporting (FRR) and Chartis Research will co-host a webinar, “Dynamic Analytical Responses in Volatile Markets,” to look at current macroeconomic and geopolitical trends that affect the risk environment and examine tools that help banks analyse, understand, and manage the various risks. Presenters include Xavier Dubois, Director, Product Management, for Wolters Kluwer FRR, and Sidhartha Dash, Research Director for Chartis Research. The session takes place Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 3 pm SGT; 5 pm AEST; and 9 am CEST.

The webinar will explore how the risk environment for the banks and financial institutions is evolving and is likely to grow in 2022. Presenters will look at some key challenges banks need to be aware of, ranging from the continuing transformation of credit markets’ sectoral rebalancing as the world moves from a pandemic to endemic Covid-19 setting, to a review of the overarching macro scenarios and potential risks from major macro shifts such as interest rate moves.

The webinar will also focus on tools to analyse, understand, and possibly control these risks, outlining the mechanics and use of stress testing—including the emerging tool of reverse stress testing and its use in various markets and circumstances—as well as scenario analysis in one’s strategic planning and business/portfolio optimisation efforts. The event will provide attendees a better framework to navigate risk challenges through strategic planning, optimisation, and scenario analytics—including non-linear scenario modelling—to address their finance team’s key concerns.

Wolters Kluwer FRR, which is part of the company’s Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) division, is a global market leader in the provision of integrated regulatory compliance and reporting solutions. These solutions support regulated financial institutions in meeting their obligations to external regulators and their own boards of directors.

Wolters Kluwer’s GRC division provides an array of expert solutions to help financial institutions manage regulatory and risk obligations. Wolters Kluwer FRR’s OneSumX for Regulatory Reporting combines bank data into a single source of data to ensure consistency, reconciliation and accuracy and includes Wolters Kluwer’s Regulatory Update Service. Wolters Kluwer Compliance Solutions’ OneSumX® for Regulatory Change Management solution, meanwhile, tracks regulatory changes and organizes them to create structured, value-added content through a single data feed that is paired with an easy-to-use software solution. The division’s legal solutions businesses are Wolters Kluwer CT Corporation and Wolters Kluwer ELM Solutions.

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