LegalJuly 14, 2015

Cheetah from Wolters Kluwer re-envisions the legal research experience

Platform focuses on findability, putting search results in context to deliver confident outcomes.

Wolters Kluwer Legal & Regulatory Solutions U.S. today announced the formal rollout of Cheetah™, an intuitive platform that is a re-envisioning of the legal research experience. Combining a simple and intuitive interface with Wolters Kluwer’s highly regarded content and in-depth expertise, Cheetah enables users to realize faster, more accurate research, delivered in a way that integrates with their workflows.

Cheetah’s design is the result of extensive, hands-on customer engagement at every step of the development process. Its usability, clean design, and agile functionality across both desktop and mobile devices have received an extremely positive response from customers involved in the pre-launch.

“Cheetah is one of my go-to research platforms,” says Jean A. Harrington, Partner at Duffy & Sweeney, LTD. “The Blue Sky state-by-state analysis and Smart Charts are a must have for anyone doing securities work (private as well as public). The research time is cut by more than half and you can be confident that you are looking at the most up-to-date materials.”

“We designed Cheetah in collaboration with our customers in order to create a product that supports and streamlines their legal research workflow,” explains Dean Sonderegger, Vice President & GM, Legal Markets Group. “The focus of the design is findability and an experience that is optimized for context and task – making sure that whatever a user might need is available when they need it. That starts at the dashboard where we surface high-value content like Smart Charts (multi-jurisdictional surveys) and continues through the search and read experience.”

Cheetah offers exceptionally nimble search capabilities making it an invaluable workflow tool for all users. Specific features of the platform include:

  • Content that can be easily searched using natural language, Boolean connectors, or operators, with advanced search functionality from a single toolbar
  • History, work lists and saved items, all of which are all easily accessible directly from the Home page
  • Customizable practice area dashboards that enable one-click access to frequently used documents
  • News and current awareness related to the specific search to help provide additional insight and knowledge
  • Document panels that are easily expanded and collapsed as needed via one-click icons, creating a streamlined reading experience
  • Topical navigation that helps users clearly locate content related to specific issues and areas of law

“Our goal was to create the kind of simple, elegant, seamless experience that is comparable to our customers’ favorite consumer websites, while furthering our mission to help enhance their decision quality and inspire confident outcomes,” Dean continues. To empower this more than 1.1 million documents have been analyzed, classified, and enriched across key practice areas, with additional content and insight being enhanced and added on a regular basis. Customer insights continue to inform ongoing refinements and additions.

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