CorporateMay 18, 2022

Wolters Kluwer celebrates Asian Pacific American Heritage Month: Brij Anand

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month and the 2022 theme is Advancing Leaders Through Collaboration. Wolters Kluwer spotlighted the careers and stories of several of our Asian and Pacific Islander leaders whose contributions have inspired our growth story and culture of innovation. 

As a member of the Corporate Strategy team, Brij Anand collaborates with partners across divisions and functions to advance Wolters Kluwer as a whole.  Brij is inspired by how successful the company has been in transforming itself to a leading global provider of Expert Solutions, insights and services from modest roots. Beyond digital transformation, Brij is also impressed that Wolters Kluwer’s products are truly impactful to our customers and society.  

Brij Anand 2022-
According to Brij, “Wolters Kluwer has an incredible culture of acceptance and openness – this allows me to advance myself toward personal and professional goals in a way that is genuine to my perspective, personality, and values.” 

Throughout his career, Brij has learned that flexibility is beneficial in all roles and is particularly critical in Corporate Strategy.  He advises others to “take advantage of the everyday challenges you face both in and out of work to develop your flexibility, and composure.”

 A mentor once told Brij that "you have to be an interesting person.” One way that Brij embodies this is his pride for his Indian heritage. A passionate sports fan, he looks up to M.S. Dhoni, previous captain of the Indian Cricket Team for being humble, calm, skilled, but also a true team builder and leader. Brij also celebrates his heritage during holiday festivals. In his family, food plays an important role, but most meaningful is the commitment to come together to celebrate.  

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