This series catalyzes 5 Forces critical to reinventing the healthcare ecosystem. We explore key ways to better deliver evidence in the moment, provide care to vulnerable populations, and alleviate healthcare system weaknesses exposed by the pandemic by channeling newfound innovation.

Virtual Care Reaching the Vulnerable

Transparency & Trust Underpin Best Evidence

Artificial Intelligence Powers Surveillance

Preparing for a Transformed Workforce

The Key to All Change: Complete Access to Data

Planning for the next wave of innovation

Five forces are critical for the future—each of them a powerful force for change. Collectively, however, they can ignite a systemwide transformation in healthcare only glimmers of which we have seen until now.

Accelerating adoption of virtual care

Establishing an environment of trust with evidence-based content

Leveraging AI in clinical surveillance

"Engaging virtually implies a different type of relationship, because you’re not just dealing with a health issue, but with a whole person and their quality of life."
- Jason Burum, Vice President Patient Engagement, Clinical Effectiveness, Wolters Kluwer

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