ComplianceESGSeptember 23, 2021

Why the Next Step in your Journey is Control of Work

Long gone are the days of manually creating work permits at the desk. Digital Control of Work takes advantage of the data from your existing systems and keeps your permit activities as informed as possible: from work order, to lessons learned.

What's Inside

Quitting the Control of Work cycle midway can prevent capture of lessons learned and increase the re-occurrence of incidents. A digital Control of Work system eliminates the siloed approach to work site management. Work permits, risk assessments, isolations, work orders and lessons learned all come together in a plan-do-check-act cycle. With digital workflows, steps are no longer skipped, and incidents are reduced. 

Key Takeaways

  • Compare your maintenance and operations workflows to the steps in the Control of Work cycle in this Insight Brief
  • Leverage digital Control of Work as a way to enforce your business's EHS and Sustainability goals directly on the frontline
  • Take into account the risks of miscommunication when a digital Control of Work Solution is not present. 

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