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HealthJune 07, 2023

New UpToDate for Anki add-on creates path from medical school to clinical practice

For medical students, time is scarce. They must learn and retain massive amounts of information to pass their United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 exam and prepare to achieve a standout Step 2 result.

Then, residencies demand deeper knowledge and specialization in preparation for board exams. Study aids can play a pivotal role in this preparation. A study at University of Central Florida College of Medicine found that 70 percent of students reported using Anki flashcards every day, and nearly 30 percent of students used at least 800 cards during some weeks.

In additional to digital flashcards, medical students and residents often consult clinical resources to supplement their studying. In this study, 14 percent of medical students and residents also used UpToDate®, the world’s leading, most trusted evidence-based clinical decision support (CDS) solution.

Making medical learning more efficient and comprehensive

From attending class to participating in rotations and studying for tests, medical students have unique time constraints. Every minute counts, placing a premium on the best study aids and resources to help them learn and retain key knowledge. They need efficient, well-designed tools that allow them to quickly go deeper into topics without breaking the bank to acquire new resources.

In discussing demands on their time, students and residents need consolidated, yet comprehensive, resources. As one young doctor stated, “My ideal clinical tool is something that could easily switch from information at a glance to a more detailed view of a subject.” With that input, a new add-on feature to the Anki study aid integrates UpToDate content, allowing students to access the trusted, evidence-based content of UpToDate without leaving a flashcard. Making this content accessible and more easily consumable makes studying more efficient and comprehensive.

Laying the foundation for a career in medicine

UpToDate is used by over two million clinicians globally in a range of clinical settings, from small independent practices to large academic medical centers. As a second-year medical student observed, “While I don’t use UpToDate today, I hear it referenced all the time, and all doctors apparently recommend it.” Integrating UpToDate into Anki creates familiarity and a bridge from a valuable study resource (Anki) to UpToDate, which many residents and clinicians rely upon every day.

Even with extensive studying, students can't master all the necessary information on a topic from flashcards or leading publications. With the UpToDate for Anki add-on, students can access thousands of topics, graphics, references and citations. Students can also dive deeper into a topic as well as obtain expert, nuanced insights about when a treatment, intervention, or medication is needed.

Not all study aids—or clinical decision support solutions—are created equal. By easily accessing UpToDate within Anki, students can gain unparalleled depth and breadth of information to build their medical knowledge during medical school, into residency, and throughout their clinical career.

Learn more about the UpToDate for Anki add-on.

Learn About The UpToDate For Anki Add-On
Over 2 million clinicians worldwide trust UpToDate to make the best care decisions.
UpToDate is the industry-leading clinical decision support resource associated with improved outcomes.
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