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FinanceJune 01, 2023

Data management improvement with CCH Tagetik and SAP HANA integration

Discover how CCH Tagetik and SAP HANA integration can help to improve data management and obtain better system performance.

We were looking for a new approach that would accelerate delivery of more information to finance departments, and SAP HANA provided that approach.
Bani Brandolini - Vice President of Strategic Partners, CCH Tagetik
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Finance departments across every industry struggle with growing data and fragmented systems. To meet this challenge, Wolters Kluwer and its CCH Tagetik software are using Big Data, advanced analytics, and cloud technology through the SAP HANA® business data platform. With better system performance and unified data, the companies are helping businesses digitally transform finance to keep up with today’s data explosion – helping revolutionize the world of corporate performance management.

The CCH Tagetik for SAP HANA integration solution

Wolters Kluwer develops and sells corporate performance management (CPM) software through its CCH Tagetik business for use by finance departments, serving nearly 1,000 companies in 35 countries. This software covers a range of finance functions, from budgeting and consolidation to planning and forecasting.

However, with an eye toward the growing amounts and types of data being used in finance, Wolters Kluwer wanted to further accelerate its CCH Tagetik application with powerful Big Data and analytics using the SAP HANA® business data platform. The goal was to use SAP HANA as a component of the solution to deliver the broad set of CPM tools, unified data, and high level of system bandwidth that are critical to the office of the CFO.

Main advantages in implementing CCH Tagetik & SAP HANA Integration

Faster Report Generation

Up to 70%

Reduction in Consolidation Time

Up to 50%

Reduction in Allocation Time

Up to 40%

Reduction in integration costs for customers

Up to 30%
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