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LegalSeptember 20, 2021

Managing change in the legal department: Listen to our podcast

Choosing the right legal technology is a critically important decision. But once a selection is made, the work is just starting. Managing technology and process-related change well is a key to success for these important initiatives. In the second episode of our Legal Leaders Exchange podcast series, our Alyza Tarmohamed and Vincent Venturella, both of whom have extensive experience with many clients across industries, discuss change management for legal departments.

Some of the key topics in this episode are:

Technologies that can improve legal work. The right legal operations software is able to make processes easier so that the organization’s legal experts and strategists can devote their time to important work that yields the greatest value, rather than day-to-day minutiae. Artificial intelligence has several applications that can help legal professionals do their jobs most efficiently and effectively.

Why teams resist change. Change is hard in any industry or functional group. Without strong discipline and change management practices, teams won’t see the results they hope for and will lose out on some of the value that was intended. Even if they are out of date, long-established processes often get the job done, making people reluctant to risk trying something new. Establishing trust is an important part of helping to overcome that reluctance.

Communicating goals and benefits. It is critical to understand your audiences and tailor your messaging to them. Different stakeholders will be impacted differently and derive different benefits from a change. Knowing what information – and how much – to share with each constituency will help you tackle any challenges that arise and ensure a successful transformation.

Listen to the episode here: Change management strategies for your legal department, or in your favorite podcast app. If you are a podcast app user, be sure to follow our Legal Leaders Exchange show on your favorite app (Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, Amazon / Audible.com, iHeart Radio), so you don’t miss any of our informative episodes.

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