ING — Compliance with TeamMate+
ComplianceMay 17, 2024

ING: Compliance with TeamMate+

Leaning into their long-established relationship with TeamMate as a trusted provider, ING’s Compliance Quality Assurance (CQA) function expedites their main objectives around supporting the methodology, facilitating and documenting reviews, developing global reporting, providing progress tracking, and more. 

TeamMate spoke with Erik Van Der Looij, Lead of the Group Compliance Central Quality Assurance team, to discuss how this collaborative process resulted in:

  • An enhanced way of working and increased level of trust from its stakeholders.
  • A uniform function across all CQA teams, thereby facilitating comparable outcomes, trend analysis, and lessons learned. 
  • A library of work plans that has resulted in greater efficiency and collaboration across the various CQA teams. 
The support we have received has contributed to the implementation process being fast and smooth.
Erik Van Der Looij, Lead of the Group Compliance Central Quality Assurance team, ING
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