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HIMSS 2024: Wolters Kluwer leads the next phase of clinical decision support

Wolters Kluwer unveiled the next generation of clinical decision support (CDS) with events at HIMSS 2024 and beyond, bringing together point-of-care support, workflow optimization, patient-centered care, and enterprise decision-making into a unified user experience.

Health and technology exhibition set the stage to redefine clinical decision support

There were several exciting announcements made in March 2024 at the annual HIMSS event centered on the future of healthcare for healthcare organizations:

  • Wolters Kluwer debuted its new UpToDate® solution suites, including UpToDate, UpToDate Lexidrug™ (formerly Lexicomp®), UpToDate Patient Engagement (formerly Emmi®), UpToDate Member Engagement, and UpToDate Digital Architect. The suites, along with Medi-Span® drug data, provide consistent support across the care continuum.
  • UpToDate Enterprise Edition was launched during HIMSS, providing a scalable solution as a CDS system designed from the ground up specifically for modern healthcare organizations
  • Access to AI Labs is now offered through UpToDate Enterprise Edition. It is a Clinical Generative AI solution exclusively trained on the trusted CDS solution, UpToDate.
  • Several customers got an early look at upcoming solutions for retail pharmacy and life sciences aimed at creating a more modern workflow and customer experience.
  • Howard Strasberg, MD, MS, Vice President, Medical Informatics at Wolters Kluwer, Health, was joined by Robert Jenders, MD, MS, FACP, Professor of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, to present “Clinical Decision Support Standards for Incorporating Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.”

Trusted solutions to address pressing healthcare challenges

During HIMSS, in-booth sessions focused on addressing pressing challenges in healthcare. The topics covered included:

  • Primary care providers (PCP) being tasked with mental healthcare.
  • AI Labs and responsible development of Clinical Generative AI.
  • Modern healthcare analytics for CDS.

Supporting PCPs as they shoulder the burden of mental health

Despite no specialized training in mental health, PCPs are being asked to deliver more guidance than ever before. By analyzing millions of clinician searches, UpToDate provides a unique glimpse into where clinicians struggle to serve patients in mental health matters, particularly as care decisions for mental health become less centralized. Insights reveal how clinical decision support can help improve mental health care.

AI Labs: Setting the standard for responsible point-of-care AI development

The UpToDate approach to Clinical Generative AI prioritizes quality, safety, and transparency with AI Labs. Clinical Generative AI can help improve and streamline clinical decision-making at the point of care, reduce clinician burnout, and support healthcare organizations to help them deliver better patient outcomes and quality performance.

The value of analytics: Understanding the needs of modern health systems for better clinical decision-making

Today, most analytics focus on patient information. Exploring the power of clinician insights helps healthcare systems and administrators drive better health outcomes.

Learn more about UpToDate Enterprise Edition and other HIMSS announcements.

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