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ComplianceESGFebruary 12, 2024

ESG Trends 2024

ESG reporting takes flight in 2024 for many public-based companies in the European Union (EU) who are required to comply with the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD). Find out what will be the key ESG trends in 2024 and how will ESG deliver better business performance, higher profits, and competitive advantage.
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The Five

Listen to Karen Abramson, CEO of the Corporate Performance & ESG Division of Wolters Kluwer, explain in a five-part video series key environmental social governance trends to watch in 2024 and how businesses can address them.

Trend 1: Rising ESG Stakeholder Demands

Investors say clients will demand ESG considerations be factored in fund investment decisions and employees will prefer companies with higher ESG standards.

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Trend 2: Expanding ESG Regulatory Demands

In 2024, first disclosures for ESG impacts will come into effect under the EU’s CSRD and impact 10,000 non-EU businesses, including 3,000 in U.S.
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Trend 3: Converging ESG Reporting Standards


An astounding 600 ESG reporting standards are in use today, but regulators are expected to formalize a more unified reporting methodology.
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Trend 4: Overcoming Legacy Technology


ESG data is a maze of unconnected software apps and spreadsheets with 60% of finance execs saying data quality and access are top reporting challenge.
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Trend 5: Leverage AI to Reveal ESG Insights


Artificial intelligence technology will provide deep insights into ESG data and competitive advantages to those seeking permanent sustainability.
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