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Equitable access to research: Ovid Discovery AI

Combining AI-driven precision, a unified knowledge hub, and actionable insights, Ovid® Discovery AI helps institutions tackle information overload and accessibility challenges. This ensures that groundbreaking research and healthcare solutions are always within reach.

Healthcare and academic institutions face a unique challenge: providing equitable access to their staff and students, with the dual pressures of time and precision. Ensuring workflows start with quick and easy access to research, to ultimately transform findings into actionable insights, is crucial. This requires a balance of a wide range of resources, intuitive and advanced search capability, and the last and overlooked, a centralized foundation.

Enter Ovid Discovery AI: more than just another tool, it's a key resource for institutions aiming to balance efficiency and effectiveness. The discovery service enables innovation, offering essential features that modernize education and research, and provides equitable access to research across organizations.

Understanding the core challenges

Before we can fix, we must understand.

Healthcare and academic institutions are dynamic ecosystems driven by ongoing research and innovation. However, outdated infrastructure often hinders this progress. For clinicians, researchers, and scholars, these challenges are real barriers to fulfilling their missions. Solutions like Ovid Discovery AI provide the advanced tools needed to overcome these obstacles and speed up progress. By addressing these key issues, we create a future where innovation thrives and missions are carried out effectively and efficiently.

1) The silo problem

Imagine a modern hospital with thousands of articles, guidelines, and clinical tools available. However, each resource is isolated, necessitating difficult and time-consuming navigation to access them. This slow process not only wastes time but also hinders potential medical breakthroughs.

2) Time is of the essence

In healthcare, saving even a second can mean saving a life or advancing an important study. However, professionals often face complex systems that waste valuable time, leaving them overwhelmed with information and without effective tools to navigate it.

3) Unconscious inefficiencies

Researchers often deal with fragmented sources, leading to inefficiencies that disrupt timelines and increase the risk of missed opportunities. This ongoing challenge requires attention to maintain effective practices.

The solution

Ovid Discovery isn't just a search tool; it meets the diverse needs of all staff and students across institutions. It serves as a versatile toolbox, enabling precise AI-driven searches and quick access to research.

Ovid sets a high standard as a discovery service. Unlike general search engines, Ovid is a specialized resource tailored for the medical community, providing equitable access to research across organizations. Key features of Ovid Discovery AI address inefficiencies and promote inclusive research opportunities:

1) Unified hub of knowledge

At the core of Ovid Discovery AI is a centralized hub, a comprehensive search solution that integrates an institution's electronic resources into a single, navigable entity. It transforms access from a fragmented process into a seamless continuum of learning and discovery.

2) AI-driven precision and efficiency

Using advanced AI technology, the solution ensures precision and efficiency in finding the latest insights. Its AI-enhanced search capabilities deliver relevant and potentially groundbreaking results to users of all experience levels.

3) Insights for actionable knowledge

By using the platform’s analytics, decision-makers can understand how resources are being used, giving them the foresight to enhance their capabilities efficiently.

Unwavering support

  • For MedVet, the implementation of Ovid Discovery was transformational, addressing inefficiencies and allowing caregivers to focus on their primary mission — caring for the lives of pets.
  • At Azienda USL IRCCS di Reggio Emilia, Ovid Discovery centralized knowledge, transforming every search into a successful find.
  • The Royal College of Physicians epitomizes legacy and leadership. With Ovid Discovery, they partnered in progress, empowering users to access a comprehensive suite of resources through a single, efficient search.
  • The librarians at BVCSCM were not merely administrators; they were conductors, orchestrating the elevation of their library by unifying services, content, and tools through Ovid Discovery.

At Wolters Kluwer Health, Customer Support is committed to your success. You'll have a dedicated consultant and implementation team to ensure a quick and customizable setup process, which takes about two weeks. Additionally, Ovid Support is there for you throughout the entire service lifecycle, available 24/7/365.

A new standard

Ovid Discovery AI is more than just a technological solution; it's a gateway to transforming medical and academic research. Combining AI-driven precision, a unified knowledge hub, and actionable insights, Ovid Discovery AI helps institutions tackle information overload and accessibility challenges. This ensures that groundbreaking research and healthcare solutions are always within reach.

By promoting equitable access, boosting efficiency, and supporting the missions of medical and academic institutions, Ovid Discovery AI sets a new standard for excellence. 

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