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LegalOctober 06, 2020

ELM Amplify: Learn how to get e-billing right

As we approach ELM Amplify 2020, the ELM Solutions online user conference, we are highlighting a few of the informative and thought-provoking sessions that will be a part of this unique event. Keep checking back to the blog for more about what you can expect at ELM Amplify.

The e-billing process is a critical component of legal operations, but it is common for corporate legal and insurance claims departments to handle e-billing in a way that it does not capture all the value they hope for. Typically, the law firm sends an invoice ,and the internal team makes adjustments based on the applicable billing agreements. Then, if the firm decides to appeal these adjustments, it starts a separate appeal process that can cause payment delays or even lead to an uncomfortably adversarial exchange, which isn’t always healthy for the working relationship.

This process has some clear limitations, including a lack of efficiency. On October 21, as part of our day of panel discussions and training, ELM Amplify will feature a session called E-Billing Has Been Done Wrong for the Past 20 Years. Here’s How To Do It Right. In it, e-billing and legal operations experts with many years of experience will discuss methods for improving this process. There are practices and technologies you can use to help your outside counsel firms better understand your billing guidelines and improve their ability to submit clean invoices, saving effort for your team and maintaining a strong relationship with your legal providers.

Register for ELM Amplify and read more about the thought leadership, training, networking, and other opportunities it will offer for attendees.

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